*With the compact design, and compared to traditional audio  amplifier,  the new  digital Class-D
amplifier represents more  excellent performance in a significant  reduction in heat dissipation
while conveying stronger power to the speaker.
*Excellent designed flow-through air path and solid  aluminum  heat  sinks  can gain the maximum
cooling, and variable speed fan for low noise
Lightweight and rugged design, standard 1U height standard rack, particularly suitable for medium/
small-site fixed installation.
*With stereo, bridge and parallel mode function to match for more application and usage.
*With Soft Start and  Built-in Clip Limiters
*Delivers two channel or four channel up to  2/4 x 200W @4 ohms model.
*Ultra-efficient  switch-mode  power  supply  for noise-free  audio,  superior  transient response

Protection Circuit Built in

*DC Protection: protects the loudspeakers against infrasonic signals
*High Frequency Protection: protects the loudspeakers against strong very high frequency
non-musical signals above the audible range
*Thermal Protection: shuts down the power supply if the line voltage is outside the operating
*Short Circuit Protection: protects the amplifier from the output fault
*Clip Limiter: Prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching the loudspeakers
while maintaining full peak power.
*Sound for a given input signal level. The maximum input gain is achieved by turning
the control completely clockwise.
*4Ω Stereo Output Power :2 x 200W
*8Ω Bridge Output Power: 2 x 400 W
*Damping Factor:> 600
*Input Impedance:>10kΩ
*Input sensitivity:775 mV / 0 dB
*Frequency response:20 Hz ~ 20 KHz distortion
*S/n ratio:> 98dB
*Unit Size (WxHxD):19"x1.7"x12.2"
*Weight : 4.0Kg